The Rise Of The Electronic Cigarette

Many people have been able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by using electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette consists of a device that has a container filled with a glycol liquid. A battery operated atomizer heats the liquid to the point where it turns into a vapor that looks like, and acts like cigarette smoke. The only difference is that the vapor is harmless.

The vapor can be inhaled and exhaled, just like cigarette smoke, and it can be used as a substitute for smoking. Tobacco smoke is well known to carry over two hundred chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. It also has a trace of arsenic and cyanide.

And if that is not enough poison, the tobacco smoke leaves a tar residue that coats the lungs and eventually kills the little air sacs in the lungs that actually takes oxygen from the lungs and puts it into the blood for the body to use. That is the only way our bodies get oxygen, and once those sacs are gone, they are gone forever.

Electronic cigarettes can also add flavors to the vapor, to the point where it can be quite entertaining. Nicotine can also be added to mimic the strength of the cigarettes that were formerly being smoked. Even though nicotine is not a real health substance to be ingesting, at least a person is not inhaling the carcinogenic tobacco smoke.

It is possible to reduce the nicotine content of an electronic cigarette to lower levels too, so that is an option. Other flavors that are available defy the imagine, as everything from fruits, menthol, peppermint and everything else in between is available.

The first seriously marketed e-cigarettes were marketed around 2009-2010 and they have really taken off with their popularity. So much so, in fact that, Lolliard, the giant tobacco company purchased CloudCig, one of the first electronic cigarette companies. RJ Reynolds has put out its own line of electronic cigarettes, and more major tobacco brands are flirting with doing the same thing.

There are more and more moves by state and local governments to regulate electronic cigarettes because literally anything can be put into the containers, from tasty flavors to drugs. There is nothing to stop someone from placing drugs into the devices without the knowledge of the user, with possible disastrous consequences.

On the other hand, drugs can be put into anything that is given to someone with the same consequences, so electronic cigarette sellers and manufactures see the pending legislation as lots of talk about nothing except another way to raise taxes on something.

In the short time that electronic cigarettes have been on the market, there is no doubt that they have had an impact on the regular tobacco cigarette market. While electronic cigarettes are not going to put the tobacco cigarettes out of business, they have had an impact, so much so that the tobacco industry has take the time to start getting into the e cig market themselves.