Why Choose Ecigs?

The Advantages Of The E-Cigarette

The e-cigarette has been around for awhile now and it is a well accepted fact that the product has found an accepted position in the marketplace. First designed as a good way to change from tobacco-based smoking to a better, healthier way to enjoy some of the same sensations, e-cigs have found their way into a place of stability.

It is a known scientific fact that tobacco cigarettes cause cancer. 95 per cent of all the lung cancer deaths are caused by prolonged tobacco smoking and with the usage of e-cigarettes, it is possible to cut out the tobacco completely, yet still keep the nicotine hit, which is one of the main pleasures of smoking anyway.

E-cigs can come in a variety of different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, orange, berry, mint, menthol, and even a cigarette flavor. Different levels of real nicotine can be added as well in order to keep that part of the experience intact.

The e-cigarette has been successfully used to get away from smoking tobacco in many instances, and even though nicotine is not a healthy substance either, it is nowhere near as dangerous as tobacco smoke.

The e-cigarette operates by the atomization of a glycol liquid in a small container withing the e-cig itself. The result is a vapor that is inhaled just like cigarette smoke. However, the vapor is just a harmless water vapor and is a far cry from cigarette smoke which contains over 200 chemicals that cause cancer.

It is a remarkable product in that it really is a valid alternative to tobacco smoking. The fact that several major tobacco companies have come out with their own e-cig products and bought other e-cigarette companies is a good indication of what the future of this product will be.

The e-cigarette got moving in the marketplace back in 2009 when roughly 60,000 units were sold, and now the sales are in the millions of units as people catch on to the ease of use of the product, and the fact that it is not harmful to the health as tobacco cigarettes are.

Tobacco giant Lolliard recently purchased Blu E-cigs and R.J. Reynolds just came out with their own brand of e-cigarettes. More and more major players will be joining the fray as they already have the distribution channels and the dealers in place for a successful marketing campaign. The real future of the e-cigarette is yet to be seen.